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Visiting/volunteering on Pigeon railway

Peat museum railway in Baloži and peat extraction museum is a longterm goal, with a long way to go – at the moment the creation of the museum railway is only in an early stage, when there’s still much to do, but there’s little to show and enjoy. Not only the infrastructure for visitors is missing, but also the state of the railway is not safe for passenger transportation.

Dzelzceļš rudenī

   Due to this Pigeon railway at the moment is not open to visitors as a finished museum railway, but only at the announced dates of public events - in average once per month. Place to arrive for a ride on the railway - see map here: meeting place at the railway.

   At the mean time it should be noted that Pigeon railway is located adjacent to a closed industrial zone – Baloži peat factory, access paths are limited (only access road leads through the closed industrial zone), and also the territory of the railway workshops is closed and under surveillance. Due to this we kindly ask - do not visit the railway without previous notification and receiving of permit, and without guidance from BDK members.

   The easiest way to find out, how the museum railway is made, and also to find out the activities of BDK and it’s members – is to join a volunteering weekend and to feel, what it is to voluntary spend your time and efforts for a common, socially important aim! Everyone is invited, independent of skills and education – everyone has a chance to find a personally suitable job, and also a very important part of the weekends is socializing – discussing, exchanging of opinions on railway related things!

Ceļa remontdarbi Entuziasti vizinās ar drezīnu

   To join BDK’s weekends – please write to email: .

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