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New passenger carriage completed within the Interreg "Industrial heritage" project

In October 2018, a new passenger carriage was completed in Baloži peat museum railway. The carriage has been designed and built according to historical pictures and materials regarding narrow gauge passenger carriages built in 1930-ties and 1940-ties, and it includes two-in-one design features of closed and open-sided passenger carriage. Thus in the summer heat the carriage can be enjoyed in it's open form, presenting great views on the scenery around, but still with roof to cover from rain, and in the colder spring-autumn season the carriage can be used as a usual carriage with side panels installed.

This carriage will complement the rolling stock collection on the Baloži peat museum railway, being the third closed carriage for visitors. Carriage has 33 seats for passengers, additional seat for the guide and a special multifunctional zone, where two usual seats can be lowered and thus a place for baby pram or wheelchair user can be provided. For the wheelchair accessibility all doors have been designed as extra wide and with special design to avoid blocking of entrance in the passenger compartment area, and a removable ramp is stowed under the carriage. Thus thanks to this carriage, the peat railway has became accessible for persons with reduced mobility (but please take into account that the road till the railway is not paved!).

The carriage was built within the Interreg project "Revival of Industrial heritage for tourism development". More information regarding the project: Pigeon railway participates in EstLat programme project "Industrial heritage".

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