Original rolling stock items preserved on the Pigeon railway:

TU6A-1885 Diesel locomotive ТУ6А-1885 in dismantled state (built 1980, in restoration since 2014)

Locotractor, former autonomous electro station ЭСУ1А-481 (built 1976, in working condition)

Platformas kūdras konteineriem Flat cars for transporation of peat containeers – 10 cars, different makes and years (1940-1980-ties)
Platformas Flat cars – 3
Cisterna VC20 Tank car type ВЦ20
Sniegtīris C2-750 Snow plough (type C2-750) in dismantled state, without carbody

Also, on Pigeon railway part of BDK's collection is kept - rolling stock, preserved from other peat railways!

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